What Are the Advantages of Chrome Cobalt Upper Dentures?

The advantages of chrome cobalt upper dentures are stability, a snug fit, better thermal conductivity and enhanced hygiene. This type of hybrid denture is also thinner and lighter in weight than traditional acrylic false teeth, according to Intelligent Dental.

The chrome cobalt denture framework is a mixture of chrome, cobalt and chromium. The chromium prevents the plate from corroding, and the alloy framework does not easily bend or warp, so the plate retains a snug fit, Intelligent Dental reports. This is especially important in an upper denture. Ill-fitting uppers make it difficult to speak clearly. Also, plates that fit loosely can be painful and damage the gums, states AgingCare.com.

These metal alloy dentures conduct warmth and coolness, so the wearer enjoys a more natural sensation when eating and drinking, whereas acrylic false teeth are impervious to temperature. Also, because the metal framework of chrome cobalt plates is not porous, it does not absorb any of the food and beverages as they pass through the mouth. Because of this, the metal-based dentures are more hygienic than porous acrylic ones, explains Intelligent Dental.

Although chrome cobalt dentures are more expensive than acrylic false teeth, people who cannot tolerate the bulk of acrylic plates in their mouths are likely to find the thinner metal alloy framework more palatable, points out Dr. Mitchell of Dental Health Advice. Also, because the frame fits inside the teeth, it is virtually invisible, so in terms of aesthetics, chrome cobalt dentures compare favorably with acrylic ones.