What Is the Adult Dosage of Imodium?

The adult dosage of Imodium is two capsules, 4 milligrams, as an initial dose and one capsule, 2 milligrams, following each unformed stool, states DailyMed. The maximum recommended dose per day is eight capsules, and most people see improvement within two days.

Adults who are hypersensitive to loperamide hydrochloride, Imodium’s active ingredient, or who experience abdominal pain without diarrhea should not take Imodium, warns DailyMed. Since the drug can be passed through breast milk, women who are breastfeeding should not take Imodium.

Patients should follow the package’s dosage instructions for Imodium A-D, Imodium A-D EZ Chews and other Imodium products, according to McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the drug’s manufacturer.