What Is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is a software program that can be downloaded from the Internet to enable users to view videos and multimedia files, play computer games that require Flash, and stream video or audio. Adobe Flash Player is compatible with SWF and FLV files found across the Web. The free software is also used to build games.

Adobe Flash Player software runs on both Mac and PC systems and is primarily used when people view Internet files and media with their browsers. The software also allows users to view multimedia, video and audio files, and they can create videos, audio broadcasts, games, interactive charts and information graphics. The installation files are available on the Adobe software website.

As of 2014, Adobe Flash Player is installed in 98 percent of desktop computers across the world. Flash Player is periodically updated to ensure proper functionality and deliver new features. An auto-update feature alerts users when an update is available. To ensure a secure connection, it restricts the update to only be applied from the official Adobe website. Advertisements on the Web sometimes use Flash Player to display content, but Adobe only creates ads that feature official Adobe products.