How Do You Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Heads?

Adjust Orbit sprinkler heads by turning off the water and using a pull-up tool and a flat-head screw driver to turn the nozzle where you want. Adjust the sprinklers to water the lawn in the direction you want and to use the volume of water you want.

  1. Turn off the water

    Go to the water source valve for the sprinklers, and turn it to the off position. This will prevent water from leaking out while you are making the adjustments.

  2. Pull the nozzle up from the ground

    Using a pull-up tool, grip the metal screw in the middle of the nozzle, and pull it up from the ground. Clamp the tool around the sleeve to keep it from going back into the ground while you are working on it.

  3. Turn the sleeve

    Rotate the sleeve with the pull-up tool until it matches the mark indicating the area that you want to water.

  4. Set the volume amount

    Use the flat-head screwdriver to turn the screw in the middle of the nozzle to set the volume. Turn it clockwise to lower the amount of water, and turn it counter-clockwise to increase it. This will also increase the distance that the sprinklers spray the water.

  5. Place the sprinkler head back into the ground

    Remove the pull-up tool, and press down gently on the sprinkler head until it is back in the ground. Then turn the water back on.