How Do You Adjust a Display That It Is Too Large?

If a display is too large and is causing some of the objects on the screen to be unseen, adjust the display size using the screen resizing buttons present on the monitor. Another option is to make the necessary size changes in the properties dialog box.

Some monitors have resizing arrow buttons. Use the up, down, left and right arrow buttons on the monitor to control the computer screen images and to make the display smaller to fit the screen. Some monitors only have the Menu button. In that case, first press the Menu button, and then use the arrow keys to select the resize screen option.

To resize the screen by making changes in the properties, right-click the mouse on the screen in an empty space, and select the screen resolution option, if available directly, in the list displayed. Otherwise, select the Display Properties option. Select the setting button in the display properties dialog box, and access the screen resolution slider.

Adjust the value of the resolution to resize the screen to fit the monitor. There is a preview screen in the dialog box that displays how the changed resolution displays on the computer. Once you have adjusted the resolution to the desired value, click the Apply option, and close the display box.