How Do You Adjust the Carburetor on a Honda Elite 80 Scooter?

In order to adjust the carburetor on a Honda Elite 80, the jet and idle screws need to be precisely turned until the engine runs correctly. The jet and idle screws control the amount of air that flows to the engine and tightening or loosening the screws will either increase or decrease its idle.

A complete carburetor adjustment may also require the complete assembly to be disassembled. Use the following instructions to properly adjust a carburetor on a Honda Elite 80 scooter.

  1. Turn on the scooter
  2. Turn the scooter on and listen to the engine as it is being adjusted.

  3. Locate the jet adjustment screw
  4. Locate the jet adjustment screw on the carburetor and tighten it a quarter turn, then check the engine. Wait until the engine has a consistent rev pattern. If it is erratic, loosen the screw.

  5. Remove the carburetor
  6. Turn the scooter off and remove the carburetor from the engine. Clean any buildup in the main jets using brake cleaner and a thin wire. Once all the buildup is removed, reinstall the carburetor onto the engine.

  7. Check the idle air screw
  8. Turn the engine on, locate the idle air screw and tighten it to lowers the idle speed, but do not exceed more than 1 1/4 turns. If it is tighten too much, loosen the screw until the idle balances out.