What Are Some Adjectives for Christmas?

Kevin Dooley/CC-BY 2.0

Adjectives for Christmas often revolve around the feelings created by the holiday, such as excited, exhausted, happy, jolly, joyful, merry, stressed, tender, thankful, tranquil and understanding. Traditional adjectives that describe behavior include angelic, charitable, expectant, forgiving, friendly, generous, giving, gracious, hopeful, loving, naughty, nice, peaceful, sharing, Scrooge-like and wise.

In locations where the temperatures at Christmastime are typically low, appropriate adjectives include blustery, cold, freezing, frosty, glistening, icy, nippy, seasonal, snowy and wintry.

Christmas colors are gold, green, silver and white. Christmas trees are depicted with words like artificial, beautiful, big, full, live, real, shiny, silver, tall and twinkling. Presents are gift-wrapped, wrapped or unwrapped. The adjectives delicious, homemade, nutty, spiked, sweet, yummy and zesty are regularly used to discuss Christmas foods.

Christmas decorations or displays are described with words such as bright, candlelit, cozy, decorated, decorative, expensive, golden and jingling. Additional adjectives are lavish, ornamental, pretty, special, symbolic, traditional, triumphant, wondrous and yuletide.

Christmas events are seen as celebratory, crowded, dashing, enjoyable, entertaining, exciting, festive and fun. They are also lively, magical, memorable, miraculous, musical, spirited, stressful, warm and wonderful.

The religious aspect of Christmas is marked by adjectives such as blessed, Christian, faithful, heavenly, holy, incarnate, religious, sacred and spiritual.