Where Are Adidas Products Made?

Prachanart Viriyaraks/CC-BY-2.0

Adidas products are manufactured in 62 countries globally. About 60 percent of the German company’s products are made in the Asia-Pacific region, with approximately 20 percent manufactured in the Americas and 17 percent in Africa and the Middle East.

Most Adidas products are outsourced; there are a limited number of company-owned factories, including ones in Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Five company-owned sites operate in the United States and there are also three in Canada. Some of the largest portion of the outsourced manufactured product output come from China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Turkey. According to the Adidas company website, Adidas had more than 1,000 independent factories around the world. A complete list of Adidas’ global suppliers can be obtained from their corporate website.

According to Adidas, some suppliers are contracted and supervised directly by Adidas AG, while others are contracted and supervised by agents and licensees. The suppliers in turn subcontract other factories to perform specific manufacturing operations that cannot be done at their facilities.