How Do You Address a Letter to a Pastor?

Address a letter to a pastor by including the appropriate honorific, then concluding the address. Specific denominations may have variations in address.

  1. Determine the denomination of the pastor

    In general, most letters to pastors should be addressed to “The Reverend John Smith,” with the name of the specific pastor replacing “John Smith.” A letter to a Roman Catholic priest is simply addressed to “Reverend” with the priest’s name appended.

  2. Determine whether the pastor has a doctorate

    If the pastor you are writing to has a doctorate, address the letter to “The Reverend Doctor John Smith.” No distinction for doctorates is made in addressing a letter to a Roman Catholic priest.

  3. Use the proper salutation within the letter

    Address the pastor within the letter as “Dear Pastor.” Address an Anglican or Episcopal priest as “Dear Father,” and a Roman Catholic priest as “Dear Reverend.”