How Do You Add Prepaid Minutes to a Verizon Phone?

Add prepaid minutes to a Verizon phone by adding a refill card’s value through either the My Verizon online interface or by calling *611 on a Verizon phone and following the prompts provided on the screen. Verizon prepaid phone owners who are unable to use a PIN or a refill card through My Verizon or their phone can contact the company’s Prepaid Customer Service number for added support.

Verizon prepaid phone owners can purchase a refill card to refill their prepaid minutes by either visiting a Verizon Wireless store or buying the card online. Alternatively, users can also go to their My Verizon account and set up an Auto Pay system that automatically adds minutes to a prepaid account according to either a set date schedule or by a balance threshold. All prepaid minutes and payments are generally credited instantly to a Verizon account. Prepaid account balances expire within a specific amount of days that depends on the amount of payment made. As of 2015, payments between $15 and $29.99 expire after 30 days while payments of over $100 expire after 365 days.

Verizon prepaid account users can also add extra funds to their accounts to purchase extra benefits in addition to minutes, such as phone applications or ringtones.