What Activities and Character Traits Make a Well-Rounded Person?

A well-rounded person typically shows character traits of honesty, courtesy, respect and dedication to hard work. When a person feels confident and is able to express and develop her own passions, she is more likely to seek out activities that develop all her talents. Well-rounded individuals typically have many interests and are able to balance the relational, professional, creative and physical areas of their lives.

According to Education Space 360, a well-rounded person typically strikes a healthy balance between excelling in many activities and maintaining numerous positive relationships. Honesty and integrity are key character traits for a well-rounded person so that others trust her. Courtesy and empathy allow her to empathize with others and to be helpful. A well-rounded person also tends to have a strong sense of responsibility and manages time well in order to be able to reach her goals.

Well-rounded individuals tend to have varied interests. They often participate in intellectual pursuits, sports, music or drama, and service to their communities. Often they are good at many of these pursuits, rather than specializing deeply in any one discipline. They balance work and play time well and often develop hobbies that allow them to expand their interpersonal circles. They are vitally interested in other people and mix well in social situations.