How Do You Activate a Google Play Gift Card?

A Google Play gift card can be redeemed in the Google Play Store app, on the Google Play website or during checkout in the Google Play Store. Google Play gift cards can be used while making a purchase or added to a Google Play account credit balance.

To redeem a Google Play gift card using the Google Play Store app, tap the menu icon in the app, and select the “Redeem” option. Enter the code on the gift card when prompted and confirm to add the amount of the gift card as Google Play Store credit.

A Google Play Store gift card can be redeemed online by going to Enter the gift card code into the box and confirm to have the balance of the gift card added to the Google Play Store balance.

Google Play Store gift cards are used at checkout by selecting a product from the storefront and beginning the purchase process as usual whether using the app or the website. When selecting a payment method, choose “Redeem” and enter the code from the gift card. Follow the instructions that appear on screen to complete the transaction. If the total of the purchase is not available on the gift card, use another payment method for the remainder.