How Do You Activate Epix on Your Device?

Epix subscribers can activate Epix on their devices by visiting the Epix website, supplying their TV provider and getting their access code. After retrieving the access code, the subscriber is prompted by his device to input it, immediately gaining access to his Epix account on his device.

Epix is available on several different devices including gaming consoles such as Xbox and streaming devices such as the Roku. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can also access Epix services. Epix also works with computers that run Windows 8. In order to access an Epix account on any device, the customer must already be an Epix subscriber through his cable provider. Many cable companies offer Epix in bundled movie packages with channels such as HBO and Starz, but some allow customers to subscribe to only the Epix television network in an a la carte style purchase.

Epix is a television network and streaming service that offers videos on demand. Epix offers its customers a wide variety of entertainment including feature films and comedy specials. Viewers can also find sports specials such as boxing matches on Epix. Operated by Paramount/Viacom, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and Lionsgate Entertainment, the Epix movie catalog features films primarily from these three studios.