How Do You Activate Cheats in “Chicken Invaders 3?”

To enable cheats in “Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk,” enable the “allow cheats” option. You may acquire medals in games in which you use cheats, but you may not earn unlockables. Cheats allow you to get extra lives, get extra missiles, upgrade your weapon and skip waves.

  1. Open the options menu

    Run “Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk,” and go to the main menu. Press the F9 and F10 keys together to unlock the ability to enable cheat mode. Click on options after pressing and releasing those keys together.

  2. Enable the allow cheats option

    Once in the options menu, click Gameplay. There, click the option titled “allow cheats” so that a check mark fills the box. Press back twice to return to the main menu.

  3. Start a new game

    Start a game in solo mode, and choose to start a new mission at any difficulty level. Click next to begin the game.

  4. Use the cheats during gameplay

    When the game starts, activate the cheats by pressing the associated key. To get an extra life, press F5. To get an extra missile, up to a maximum of 99, press F6. To upgrade your weapon’s firepower, press F7. To skip the current wave, press F8.