Is Acrylic Paint Washable?

Acrylic paint can indeed be washable, depending on which ingredients go into making it. Certain paint brands offer washable acrylic paint, for both artistic and home painting applications, which can easily be cleaned up.

The San Marco ICARO paint is made primarily of water but also includes acrylics in it, according to San Marco. Other ingredients in this paint include polysiloxanes, which are intended to reduce the rate of volatile compound emissions in the air, making this paint safe to use both inside the house and for outdoor paint jobs. Beyond that, this paint is also missing potentially dangerous ingredients like plasticizers and formaldehyde. This acrylic paint dries into an attractive resin, but in case the homeowner wants to, they can easily remove it using water.

Those that appreciate using paints for artwork can also find washable acrylic paint. Craft Smart acrylic paint can be used for a variety of projects on a number of surfaces and materials, including ceramic, wood, polymer clay, poster board, Styrofoam, resin, paper, plaster, canvas, ceramic bisque, fabric and terra cotta, according to art resource Michaels. Despite that, if at any time the artist wants to remove the acrylic paint from any of these surfaces and materials, they only need a little water mixed with soap.