How Do You Access Someone Else’s Hotmail Account?

Daniel Allan/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

There is no way to legally access another person’s Hotmail account. This is the personal and intellectual property of another individual and violates privacy and theft laws. Hotmail accounts are meant to be used only by the person who owns the account.

Accessing someone else’s Hotmail account is a form of identity theft. Regardless of the reason for accessing the account, the fact that the profile is associated with and owned by another person means that any messages sent to that account or generated by it are inherently the property of the individual who created it in the first place. It is the same as and bears similar legal consequences to reading another person’s paper mail.

It is an illegal act to access another person’s Hotmail account or use that account in any way. This includes reading emails, sending instant messages or changing any settings on the account. Any unauthorized access of someone else’s information is a crime and is punishable by law. Even in cases where people are related to the account holder, passwords and personal access data must be issued by the person who owns the account in order for that access to be legal. Companies are not allowed to grant permission to a friends or relative to manipulate an online account.