How Do You Access Outlook Express to Check Email?

To use Outlook Express to check email, open the program, select Account from the Tools menu, and press the Add button then Mail. Enter the user’s name, email address, email server information, account username and password. Before starting, check the email settings or help guide for the server information.

  1. Locate the email server information

    In order to utilize Microsoft Outlook Express, identify the type of email server the account uses. This information can usually be found in the email program’s settings or help guide.

  2. Open Outlook Express

    Click on the Start button, select All Programs, and click on Outlook Express.

  3. Open the Internet Connection Wizard

    From the toolbar at the top of the program, click on Tools, and select Accounts. If the wizard does not open automatically, press the Add button, and then select Mail.

  4. Enter the email account information

    On the first page, enter the user’s name as it appears on outgoing emails, and press Next. On the following page, enter the user’s email address, and press Next. Select the type of email server, and enter the incoming and outgoing server names. Click Next. Enter the user’s email username and password. Finally, press Next and then Finish. The emails then appear in the Outlook Express inbox.