How Do You Access a Manual for a Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio provides PDF downloads of manuals for all of its smart TVs on its company website, usually in English, Spanish and French. Users can either search for their specific model of television using the site’s search bar or click through the menu at the top of the page. Under the Shop tab, click Shop TVs; on the results page, click on a specific model to bring up a page with an overview, technical specifications and user manuals for that model.

In addition to user manuals, Vizio’s website also features quick-start guides for most of the company’s smart TVs. These guides provide overviews of essential information for mounting, wiring, connecting and operating the television. While the full manuals have much more in-depth information on installation, setup and use, the quick-start guide helps users begin using their televisions quickly.

Many of the individual smart TV product pages on Vizio’s website also have links to support videos under the same tab as user manuals and quick-start guides. These brief videos provide users with additional information or helpful tips for using the company’s smart TVs, such as how to connect the smart TV to a wireless network or how to troubleshoot the television remote control.