How Do You Access Jasper Engines’ Online Catalog?

Enter your email address, zip code, and the make and model of your car to access Jasper Engines’ online catalog after clicking on the “Looking for a Price” link at After you submit an email address and postal code, choose the make, year and model of the vehicle from drop-down menus, or enter the vehicle identification number.

The system may ask for a sub-model if applicable, and then it allows you to select an available Jasper product type, such as an engine, transmission or radiator. You may need to answer additional questions about the car’s engine or transmission specifications before gaining access to the online catalog.

The online catalog returns a list of relevant Jasper products. Click on the stock number of a product to view pricing details, photos and installation details. You can also browse products that are not vehicle-specific, such as diesel engines, industrial and agricultural motors, and marine transmissions, after submitting an email address and zip code.

Founded in 1942, Jasper Engines and Transmissions is based in Jasper, Indiana and has more than 40 distributor locations throughout the United States. The remanufactured gas engines, transmissions and differentials listed in Jasper’s online catalog include a three-year or 100,000-mile warranty.