How Do You Access the Enterprise Payroll Workcenter?

As an Enterprise Holdings employee, access the Payroll WorkCenter by logging in using your user name and password at the Automatic Data Processing Payroll WorkCenter Web page. If you are a first-time Workcenter user, use the registration key provided by your payroll administrator to set up an account by clicking on the “First Time Users Register Here” link on the rightmost table of the WorkCenter log-in screen.

Automatic Data Processing’s Payroll WorkCenter allows Enterprise Holdings’ eligible employees to access pay checks, modify personal payroll parameters and provide important tax information for W-4 and W-2 forms. Employees may also use the WorkCenter as their exclusive method of receiving checks. The Payroll WorkCenter has alternate verification methods for users who have forgotten their user name or password.

The W-4 form is a tax data sheet used by employers to determine the amount of money to deduct from their employees’ pay checks to cover their federal taxes. It is the employee’s responsibility to provide accurate data on the W-4 form to avoid underpayment or temporarily lost funds. Similarly, the W-2 form calculates the amount of taxation an employer should deduct from his employee’s yearly salary. A photocopy of the W-2 is required with every yearly tax return, except those completed over the Internet.

The ALINE Pay feature bundled with ADP’s digital wage management package allows for participating companies to reduce managerial costs through use of automatic payroll management tools and digital transfers to employees’ bank accounts. Additionally, the ALINE Card and ALINE Check features allow employees to access money loaded directly onto prepaid credit cards or print their own pay checks, respectively.