How Do You Access Emails From Another Computer?

Access your emails from another computer using a Web browser and your login information. After checking your email, sign out of your account, and delete the browser cache.

  1. Open the Web browser

    Open the default Web browser, and navigate to the homepage of your email service provider. Wait for the page to load.

  2. Enter your information

    Type your username or email address in the first text field. Next, type your password. Press Enter to open your email inbox. If the browser prompts you to save the information for later, select No, or just close the prompt.

  3. View your emails

    View the new emails in your inbox. Compose and send your emails, and make any changes while logged in to your account.

  4. Sign out of your email

    After checking your email, sign out of your account using the link or button on the page. You should now see the login screen.

  5. Delete browser cache

    In Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, press Control+Shift+Delete to open the Clear History dialog box. If available, click the drop-down box to reveal more-advanced options. Place a check mark in the Browser Cache box and all available boxes for added security. Afterward, click the Clear or Delete button.