How Do You Access CVS LEARNet?

Employees of CVS need their seven-digit employee ID number and their CVS LEARNet or myHR password to access the educational resources available on CVS LEARNet. The website allows users to learn, manage, and track skills needed for employees to work at the national pharmacy chain. Logging into the CVS system accesses electronic books and SkillSoft online training.

When employees log in for the first time, the password is set as the last four digits of the Social Security number of the employee. The password must be changed after the first log-in and before logging out, and a prompt appears to change the code. If someone forgets a password, the system has a self-serve password reset function that relies on an employee’s ID number.

CVS has careers for nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, distribution center workers, customer call center employees, and analysts. CVS features more than 7,700 retail pharmacies, and three other businesses carry the CVS trademark.

All job candidates can fill out online applications for CVS jobs. In addition to online training and education, benefits of working for CVS include education reimbursement, wellness programs, health insurance, paid time off, free health screenings, and merchandise discounts. CVS touts itself as the largest pharmacy chain in the United States.