How Do You Get a Free Access Code to Mastering A&P?

As of October 2015, you cannot get a free access code to Mastering A&P, which allows you to access course materials online for the Anatomy and Physiology college textbook. You can purchase an access code through the Pearson MyLab And Mastering website. This 20-digit access code is often included with the purchase of new textbooks.

To purchase an access code on the Pearson MyLab And Mastering website, you must have an email address, your college course ID (provided by your instructor), and a credit or debit card. You cannot use financial aid provided from your college to pay for the access code on this site.

From the Pearson main page, select your location (in the United States or Canada, or outside the United States and Canada), then proceed with the instructions to pay for and receive your access code. Prices for access codes may vary depending on your course; however, access codes typically range from $35 to $85. Once purchased, access codes are only active for the semester in which the course takes place; for example, any access codes purchased for a class in the Fall 2015 semester expire on April 2, 2016. Access codes are not reusable, and you cannot sell one for future use.