How Do You Access Caesars Benefits Now?

Eligible Caesars Entertainment employees can access Caesars Benefits Now by going to the website and entering their log-on credentials, which are their user ID and password. Employees who forget their user ID or password are also able to click a link below the log-on field to recover them. Caesars Entertainment employees who do not yet have their log-on credentials can also click on the new user link for further instructions.

All employees who log on to the Caesars Benefits Now platform automatically agree to the website’s Privacy Statement, Cookie Notice and Terms of Service. The Caesars Benefits Now website is delivered by Aon and, as of 2015, has been given a new look, though all content within the platform has remained the same.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is a company that specializes in the provision of casino-entertainment services around the United States and the world. The company operates 49 properties around the world and, as of Dec. 31, 2014, reported an asset total of $23.54 billion. Caesars Entertainment Corporation employs approximately 68,000 employees worldwide to serve more than 115 million guests who visit its various locations annually. The company also has more than 45 million members in its Total Rewards program.