What Is Acacia Wood?

Lyudmila Suvorova/iStock/Getty Images

Acacia wood is a durable hardwood that comes from the acacia tree and is used to create furniture and hardwood flooring, among other things. Most acacia species are native to Australia, but some species grow in tropical regions throughout the world.

Acacia trees are used for a variety of purposes, including furniture, hardwood flooring, honey, food and drink, chewing gum, perfume, paint, ink, tanning and incense, among others. The flowers, leaves and wood are all used for different aspects of production.

Acacia wood works well for creating outdoor furniture, because the wood is moisture-resistant and solid. It also works well for furniture pieces that receive a lot of use and wear because the wood is hard-wearing, strong and heavy. It is also durable and able to withstand heavy weight, making it ideal for bookcases and other types of shelving.

Acacia is a relatively fast-growing tree, which creates a distinctive grain pattern in the wood. Furniture pieces can be finished in a light lime wash or a dark mahogany-like stain, or anything in-between. The after-care of the furniture depends on its finish. Hardwoods typically need wax or other treatments to hydrate the wood and prevent cracking, but pieces that are treated with a lime wash should not have any wax applied, as this can affect the finish. Consult the manufacturer for specific care instructions.