What Is a WEB Absence in Skyward Family Access?

One of the attributes in the Skyward Family Access is the attendance of the student. Web absence is a current unexcused absence that is temporarily logged in by the teacher until the absence categorizes into a definite unexcused leave or an excused leave.

Skyward Family Access is a secure Web-based interface that enables parents to access and view the student information at any point of time using the Internet. Parents can view the attendance of the student, including the reason for absence on this web portal, in addition to grades, assignments, immunization records, food services and schedule information.

The attendance codes include late or tardy, excused absence, unexcused absence, school activity and web absence. As soon as a student is absent the teacher logs into the system and tags the attendance as web absence. A specific number of days are given to provide an excuse for the absence, preferably through a written note.

The excuse provided should be a valid excuse, as defined by the school in order to convert the web absence into an excused absence. In cases where the student fails to provide an excuse within the specified time or the excuse provided is not a valid reason, the teacher then categorizes the web absence as an unexcused absence.