Why Is Abraham Lincoln on the $5 Bill?


Abraham Lincoln is on the $5 bill in order to commemorate his legacy and the sacrifices that he made for the United States while serving as president. Lincoln’s face is also featured on the United States 1 cent coin and is featured on Mount Rushmore.

Lincoln may be on $5 bills, but it has not always been this way. Lincoln was actually the last face to appear on these bills and was preceded by many others. Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, George Thomas and Ulysses S. Grant were among others that had been featured on the U.S. $5 bill. Grant was featured on a coin instead of a bill.

The first $5 bill in the U.S. that featured Lincoln was released in 1914. He appeared on the red seal addition of the bill during this year, but also made an appearance on bills in 1915 and 1918. Since 1928, there have been five different versions of the $5 bill created in the U.S., and Lincoln’s face has been featured on all of the bills. A silver certificate from 1923 featuring Lincoln’s face is considered to be among the most valuable of all of the $5 bills that were created in a U.S. mint.