What Is Abdominal Pain on the Left Side a Symptom Of?

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Abdominal pain on the left side of the body is symptomatic of constipation, muscle problems, sexually transmitted diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, a ruptured appendix or internal organ pain, according to HealthHype.com. Internal organ pain can come from the chest, abdominal wall muscles, intestinal tract, urinary tract or ribs. Fever and dizziness may accompany left abdominal pain in serious cases.

HealthHype.com mentions that organs responsible for left-sided abdominal pains include the spleen, kidney, heart or lungs. Muscular conditions in the form of muscle strains, abdominal hernias or overexerting the muscles through exercise can also impact the left quadrants of the body. Volvulus, a rare condition that twists the colon, can cause pain in the left side of the body. Pain in the upper left side of the body indicates a host of ailments, such as adrenal complications. Pain from the lower left abdomen may also travel to the upper left side of the body.

HealthHype.com notes that trapped gas causes lower left abdominal pains. Irritable bowel syndrome in particular causes a host of lower abdominal pain issues, including cramps and interruption in daily bowel habits. An infected or ruptured appendix normally compromises the lower right side of the body, but the lower left side can be affected. Men may get abdominal pain on the left side due to gonorrhea or ailments of the testes, and females can get the same pain from pregnancy, ovulation, gonorrhea or a miscarriage.