How Do AA Retirees Use JetNet for Travel?

American Airlines retirees with access to travel privileges can register with Jetnet online using their AA user ID. The AA user ID is the employer’s Contractor Number or Employee Number. The website address is

AA Retirees who retired before July 31, 1996 are eligible for travel privileges if they reached the age of 55 or more or if they had company seniority of 5 or more years with American Airlines. Those who retired after July 31, 1996 must have been either above 55 years of age or had company seniority with American Airlines of 10 or more years.

AA retirees can easily check out the AA Flight Services online through the American Airlines website AA retirees are also entitled to a vast range of benefits and privileges, such as offline ticket requests. The offline ticket facility is specific for the AA retirees residing more than 150 miles away from the airport or who have a disability and cannot obtain their own passes. To request such an offline ticket, they must have all the required information on hand at the time they call. Issued tickets are valid for three months.

If the AA retirees meet the eligibility criteria and are not married, they can register a companion traveler. If the AA retirees meeting eligibility criteria are married, they can register their legal spouse, dependent children and company-recognized domestic partner for travel privileges.