What Is 99 Bananas?

The beverage known as 99 Bananas is a brand of banana schnapps distilled by the Sazerac Company. It is the first introduced 99-proof banana liqueur.

The 99 Bananas schnapps was the original flavor in Barton Brands’ line of 99 schnapps, which eventually included other fruit flavors, such as 99 Apples, 99 Black Cherries, 99 Blackberries and 99 Watermelons. Sazerac, which bought Barton Brands, continues to produce 99 schnapps, including 99 Peppermint and 99 Cinnamon.

M.I.A.’s “Teqkilla” mentions 99 Bananas in the lyrics. The drink is also referenced in other songs’ lyrics, including 50 Cent’s “Bad News.”