What Is 9 Cubed?

Plamena Koeva/E+/Getty Images

Raising 9 to the third power, or 9 cubed, results in a value of 729. This is an algebraic process using exponents.

In algebra, exponential notations such as 9 cubed, are used to show the repeated multiplication of a number. In this example, 9 is the base or factor. Three is the exponent or power, which represents the number of times the base is being multiplied.

When a base is raised to a power of 3, the base is being cubed. Likewise, if a base is raised to the second power, it is being squared. A base written without an exponent is inherently raised to the first power.

Nine cubed means that three 9s are being multiplied together. Nine multiplied by 9 is 81, and 81 multiplied by 9 is 729, which is the answer.