What Does an 88-Cubic-Inch Harley Motor Convert to in Cc’s?

A volume of 88 cubic inches converts to 1442.1 cubic centimeters. Cubic inches is often a measurement used in North America to indicate the displacement of an engine block.

Cubic centimeters and cubic inches are both measurements used to define the displacement (or overall size) of the block of an engine. If the engine block was submerged in a pool of water, it would displace 88 cubic inches, or 1442.1 cubic centimeters of water. Cubic inches were used to measure most Chevy big block engines. For example, the Chevy 409 is 409 cubic inches, or 6,702.3 cubic centimeters; 6,702.3 cubic centimeters is equal to a 6.7-liter engine. Therefore, 88 cubic inches, or 1442.1 cubic centimeters, is read as 1.44 liters.