What Are the 8 Traits of Culture?

Culture is defined by attributes such as social sharing, religion, history, language, economics, arts, music and government. These characteristics affect how people live their lives in the Western culture, Eastern culture, in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Social groups in culture permit people within a region to share what they know or learn. Religion helps people in a society contemplate the meaning of life. Religions in Western culture include Methodism and Catholicism, while the main religions in Eastern culture are Buddhism and Confucianism.

The history of an area explains a people’s reasons for their actions, while language is the tool used to culturally communicate. Daily habits show what people in a culture elect to wear and what they choose to eat. For example, people in Western culture often eat fast foods, such as hamburgers and french fries, while people in the East eat rice as a staple food. Middle Eastern staples include hummus and manakeesh.

Culture is also defined by economics, which is fueled by how people make their living and how they acquire the items they need. Arts and music reveal how a culture expresses itself through sculpture, crafting, paintings, song and dance.

Cultures continue to change and progress through various innovations. These alterations result in diffusion and adoptive behaviors. For example, McDonalds can be found in a variety of cultures and cable television is seen all over the world. Adoption entails taking up the traits of another culture as your own.