What Is 66 2/3 in Decimal Form?

The number 66 2/3 in decimal form is 66.67. The conversion process involves changing the fraction to a decimal.

In the number 66 2/3, 66 is a whole number. Fractions are one way to identify some portion of a whole. In this example, the fraction represents two thirds. Decimals work similarly. The decimal portion of a number, called the decimal fraction, has a value of less than one. Division can be used to determine the decimal number of a fraction by dividing the numerator, or top number of the fraction, by the denominator, or bottom number. In this example, dividing 2 by 3 yields .666666667, which can be rounded to .67, or two decimal places, for simplicity. The decimal places represent the number of places after the decimal point. The entire number then reads 66.67.