What Are the 6 Colors of Campbell’s Soup Can?

The six colors that are typically seen on a can of Campbell’s soup are blue, red, white, yellow, black and gold. These colors have not changed over the years and remain the same despite the type of soup that is within the can.

The original Campbell’s soup was created in 1869, and the look of the cans that advertised the soups have not deviated over the years. The can has become somewhat iconic in the United States and around the world. It is easily recognizable and remains the same, with the exception of specialty soups and extra products that are created by the Campbell’s company.

One of the most popular instances of Campbell’s soup was when Andy Warhol created silk screens of the traditional cans in the 1960s and 1970s. He used the traditional design of the soup and put his own spin on it by adding colors and creating variations in the coloring. Warhol spoke about the reasons for creating the soup art, and mentioned that it was simply because the soup reminded him of his childhood. All of the cans were exactly the same, and he wanted to do something to them that would make them unique in their own way with colors. His interpretations of the cans became nearly as iconic as the original cans.