What Is 500 Meters Equal to in Miles?

The US Army/CC-BY 2.0

A distance of 500 meters is the same as a distance of 0.31 miles. The one-step conversion of meters to miles is found by multiplying the number of meters by 0.00062137.

A longer method for converting meters to miles requires four basic conversions to reach the same answer. First, the meters are converted to centimeters. Next, the centimeters are changed to inches. After that, the inches are converted to feet. Finally, the feet can be changed into miles.

The conversion factor necessary to accomplish this is to multiply the number of meters by 100 to obtain the number of centimeters. Then, this number is divided by 2.54 to give inches. Next, that number is divided by 12 to give feet. The final conversion is to divide the amount of feet by 5,280 to obtain the number of miles.