What Is an 1800-Calorie ADA Diet?

The 1800-calorie ADA diet is a controlled diet using foods recommended by the American Diabetes Association. It limits dieters to an average of 1800 calories a day. This strict diet is designed to help diabetics control their daily blood sugar levels and can also be used for weight loss.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by abnormal blood sugar levels. To help people who have been diagnosed with this condition, doctors recommend that diabetics consult with a skilled dietitian to learn which foods should be avoided, which should eaten and in what quantities. According to the American Diabetes Association, the ADA Diet focuses on encouraging healthy eating patterns instead of merely enforcing a diet. This includes emphasizing the importance of portion control.

Some of the foods recommended in an ADA diet include whole grains, vegetables, beans, lean meat, poultry and non-fat dairy products. It also encourages eating foods rich in fiber. Mayo Clinic states that eating foods with high fibrous content can help reduce the risk of heart diseases and control blood sugar levels. Good examples of such foods include vegetables, nuts and legumes. Mayo Clinic also advises that diabetics eat fish at least twice a week, because these are rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods to avoid in an ADA diet include processed foods and any food rich in saturated fat.