What Is the 14th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

The traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary is something made from ivory. Ivory-colored clothing, blankets or stones are good choices for 14th anniversary gifts.

Since ivory is related to elephants, statues or figurines of the animal can also be given as gifts. When giving ivory gifts, it is important for the giver to ensure the ivory did not come from endangered elephants. In this instance, imitation ivory should be chosen. An alternative idea for an ivory gift is something containing an opal stone, such as a locket or ring, since the color of opal closely resembles that of ivory.

Modern gift ideas for the 14th anniversary are items made of gold. Some examples of these gifts include trinkets, necklaces, rings and cuff links. Gold picture frames, gold-plated roses and collectible gold coins also make wonderful gifts.

Personalized or intimate items make great gifts regardless of the anniversary year. For instance, a poem or plaque made by the giver will be treasured for years to come. If one of the recipients has dreamed about a special trip or a fun activity, giving a weekend getaway or tickets to the activity will delight the couple and allow them to enjoy a new experience.