What Are the 10 Funniest Jokes?

Although humor is subjective, one of the funniest jokes according to Stuff You Couldn’t Make Up is: Snake one, “Are we poisonous?” Snake two, “I don’t know, why?” Snake one, “I just bit my lip.” SYCMU features a variety of top 10 joke lists.

SYCMU features a top 10 of family-oriented jokes, as well as a top 10 of animal jokes, blonde jokes, puns, money jokes and more. “What room does a ghost not need? A living room!” and “Why are there fences around cemeteries? Because people are dying to get in!” are two jokes featured in its list of top 10 funniest Halloween jokes.

Kickass Humor offers a list of the 20 best jokes of all time. An example from this list includes one where a boy calls 911 and says, “Hello? I need your help!” The 911 operator responds, “Alright, what is it?” The boy says, “Two girls are fighting over me!” The operator answers, “So what’s your emergency?” The boy replies, “The ugly one is winning.”

Another joke on its list describes a cop interviewing a man about a murder. The cop asks, “Did you kill this man?” The man responds, “No, a bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the ground. The ground is part of nature. He died of natural causes. Case closed.”

Factors such as age, gender, nationality and culture influence what jokes are considered funny to certain groups of people, according to humor scientist Scott Weems. Americans prefer short jokes and insult comedy while Europeans prefer absurd jokes. What jokes are deemed funniest is subjective and depends on the audience’s preference for nonoffensive “clean” jokes or risqué “dirty” jokes.

The online magazine Stuff You Couldn’t Make Up publishes a list of its top 10 funniest jokes in 11 categories including family jokes, animal jokes, kids’ jokes, jokes about money and funniest puns. In 2015 Esquire magazine published “The Greatest Jokes Ever Told,” a compilation of the favorite jokes of 22 popular comedians.

A joke cycle refers to a group of jokes that share a common set-up, theme or target. Examples of popular joke cycles include “change a light bulb” jokes, “walking into a bar” jokes, “knock-knock” jokes, “chicken crossing the road” jokes and a variety of jokes that disparage a certain ethnicity or religion, which are considered offensive to many audiences.