What Are Some 10-10 Dialing Codes for Long-Distance Phone Calls?

Two dialing codes for long distance phone calls are 10-10-987 and 10-10-100. Not requiring monthly fees, both services only charge the user for each minute he places calls via the numbers.

To call a long distance number via 10-10-100, you must dial a number that consists of 10-10-100, 001, the country code, the area code and the telephone number. Replace 001 with 1 if calling a number in North America, and remove the country code if calling a number in the United States. For instance, you should dial 10-10-100-011-353 followed by the area code and the telephone number of the receiver to call a person in Ireland. In comparison, a number in the United States should follow 10-10-100-1.

The code 10-10-100 is available for phone lines by Bell, Rogers, Telux and Videotron. As of January 2016, the service costs 1.7 cents per call minute. However, 10-10-100 adds that calling cellular phones may cost more. The four companies reflect the cost of the call in the regular home phone bill.

Use the exact same method as 10-10-100 to place long distance calls through 10-10-987. As of January 2016, calls within the United States cost 6 cents per minute and 83 cents to connect. Although the cost of calling Canadian numbers is the exact same, other countries have varying fees. To find out how much it costs to call a specific country, hover the cursor over Rate Quotes, and click all countries. Select a country from one of the drop-down list to see the calling fees for that country, as well as its international dialing code.