What Is 1.2 in Fraction Form?

In fraction form, the decimal 1.2 converts to 6/5. To check the answer’s accuracy, simply divide the bottom number into the top number. The result is the original decimal of 1.2.

Converting decimals to fractions involves simple multiplication. While the task may seem insurmountable, breaking it down into a few steps makes it manageable.

  1. For the time being, ignore the whole number on the left side of the decimal point.
  2. Determine to what place the decimal is equivalent. In the example of 1.2, the 2 is equivalent to the tenths place.
  3. Make a fraction by placing the numbers on the right side of the decimal over the equivalent place indicator. In this example, the resultant fraction is 2/10.
  4. Reduce the resulting fraction and place the whole number from the original decimal, if applicable, back in place. Using 1.2, the fraction from step 3 is 2/10. This fraction reduces down to 1/5. Placing the whole number from the original decimal gives the answer 1 1/5.
  5. To make an improper fraction, simply multiply the denominator, or number on the bottom, by the whole number. Then add the numerator, or top number, to that answer. Therefore, 1 1/5 translates to 6/5 as an improper fraction (5 x 1) + 1.