How do you sign into a different Hotmail account?


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Starting from your Hotmail inbox screen, click the personal photo avatar to the right of the name at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click "sign out" at the bottom of the box that appears. You will be redirected to the MSN login page. Click "sign in" located at the top right corner of the page. You can log into another Hotmail account from the page that appears.

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Hotmail, now Outlook, is Microsoft's free web-based email service. You must log out of one account to get to another one. Microsoft only allows one e-mail account to be open per browser, so if you need to access two or more accounts at the same time on the same computer, you must use different browsers. For example, you can open one account using Google Chrome and another account using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari on the same computer simultaneously, but you cannot open more than one account on any one browser. Outlook is different and more powerful than its brother Outlook Express. Although Microsoft has officially phased out Hotmail, users can log in to their former Hotmail account through www.hotmail.com, www.outlook.com, and www.msn.com.

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