What Is the Difference Between Wi-Fi and Wireless?


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Wi-Fi is a brand name for short-distance wireless communication networking technology, based on 802.11 standards that Wi-Fi Alliance adopted from IEEE, while wireless stands for computer network that is not connected by cables and utilizes cellular towers for data transmission.

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What Is the Difference Between Wi-Fi and Wireless?
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Another difference is signal range, as a wireless connection can be accessed from any location within the cellular tower signal range, while Wi-Fi connection utilizes the connection from within the same building where the Wi-Fi access point is installed. Speed of transmission is also a difference, as the latest 4G wireless service technology enables download speeds up to 9.12 megabits per second, while a modern Wi-Fi router supports transfer speeds of up to 300 megabits per second. Costs also vary between Wi-Fi and wireless.

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