How do I check the ink level in my Epson printer?


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Check the ink level in your Epson printer using the print function in a Web browser. You can also view the ink levels within the Printing Preferences in the Windows Control Panel.

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  1. Open a Web browser

    Open your preferred Web browser. Click File from the menu bar, and select Print. You can also click the menu bar in Chrome and Firefox, and click Print from the menu. Click the Properties or Preferences button to open the Epson printer settings.

  2. View the ink levels

    Click the Maintenance tab in the new window. Next, click the icon next to the Epson Status Monitor. View the ink levels in the graphical section of the window.

  3. Close the printer window

    Click OK to close the Epson Status Monitor. Next, click Cancel to close the Maintenance window. Finally, click Cancel to exit the printer dialog box.

  4. Replace the ink

    Follow the instructions in the Epson manual to replace the ink cartridge in the printer. Afterward, properly dispose of the empty ink cartridge, and close the printer cover. Use the printing function in the browser or application to print normally.

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