How can you block a phone number on Comcast?


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To block a phone number through a Comcast account, access the call screening menu through the phone or online. This menu allows you to set up a list of numbers that are blocked. When the phone receives a call from any of those numbers, a message plays, stating that no one is available to take the call.

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  1. Access the call screening menu

    On a phone with Comcast Voice, pick up the handset and press *60 at the dial tone. Follow the prompts to access the menu, and create the screening list. Access XFINITY Connect online, and log into the Comcast account.

  2. Select the My Account option

    Once logged into the Comcast account, select My Account. This area of the website allows you to pay a bill, check on services and change contact information. Select the Preferences tab within the Account area.

  3. Choose Call Manager

    Under the Preferences tab, choose Call Manager, then Call Screening. Within that area, select Selective Call Rejection. Access the part of the website that allows you to add numbers to be blocked. You can also select whether calls from anonymous numbers are automatically blocked.

  4. Add all unwanted numbers

    Add the numbers for the blocked list. Change other settings as desired. Double-check all the settings and numbers. Click Save to save all the numbers and settings. Log off the website.

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