What are some advantages of telephone communication?


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Telephone communication is advantageous because it elicits an immediate personal response and allows people to express emotions through their voice tones. It is also interactive, confidential and safe. In addition, it is easier to build rapport through speaking on the telephone than through emails and letters.

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What are some advantages of telephone communication?
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Telephone communication can link several people in an audio conferencing session, which breaks barriers related to geographical distance. Unlike emails, telephone conversation reduces the likelihood of sharing important information with the wrong or unintended audience. Telephone communication doesn't require special equipment because one phone can call any other phone. Furthermore, telephone communication allows taking messages via voice mail when a phone is unanswered.

Telephone communication has no restrictions on the length of the message, which makes it suitable in delivering a detailed voice message. It also relays aspects of body language, such as standing, pacing and smiling, during a conversation. Telephone communication is effective in passing sensitive messages, such as condolences and disciplinary issues. In addition, telephone communication may be used in training customer care staff. Bluetooth technology makes phone calls safe even while driving. This is unlike emailing and text messaging, which are hazardous while behind the wheel. Mobile phones have transformed telephone communication processes because of their flexibility, efficiency and relative affordability.

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