Where Do I Find the Settings on My Computer?

Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Finding the settings on a computer depends on what type of computer it is and what operating system the computer runs. For computers running Windows, the settings usually can be found in the control panel in the start menu. For Macs, the settings can be found by clicking on the Apple menu and selecting System Preferences.

For computers running versions of Windows up to Windows 7, the settings are found in the Control Panel. The Control Panel can be accessed by clicking on the Start button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, then clicking Control Panel on the right side of the Start menu. From there, each category offers a variety of settings under each category, including System and Security, Network and Internet, Hardware and Sound, Programs, User Accounts and Family Safety, Appearance and Personalization, Clock, Language and Region, and Ease of Access. Each of these categories features subheadings to help find the specific settings needed.

For computers running Windows 8, finding the settings is as simple as swiping in from the right edge of the screen. This can be done with a finger on a touch-optimized computer, or with a mouse pointer. Typing “Control Panel” in the Search bar that pops up directs the user to the Control Panel.

For users with a Mac, the System Preferences tab in the Apple menu functions in the same way, as does the Control Panel on a Windows computer.