How Do I Set the Clock on My Clarion Car Stereo?

Depending on the model, a Clarion car stereo clock can be set by using the band and display buttons, the adjust button, the band and function buttons or the clock knob. Users may need to try different methods to determine what works for their model stereo.

The first method of setting the clock is to press the band and display buttons once to display the clock and again to display the flashing time, and then using the left and right search buttons to set hours and minutes before storing the time by hitting the band button. Some models require hitting the display button instead of the band.

A second method involves using the band and function buttons together, instead of the band and display. The user finishes by hitting the band button to store the time.

Another method requires pushing the adjust button once to select the clock, pushing it again to select the hour and minute and using the rotary knob to set the time. Pressing the enter button stores the correct time.

The final method is to press the clock button until the minutes flash, then press the clock knob to adjust the minutes. Five seconds after being released, the user can use the clock knob to set the hour. The hour finalizes five seconds after being released.