Is a Pint Bigger Than a Quart?

Kokil Sharma/Pexels

Pints and quarts are two units of measure used in the U.S. customary measurement system and in the British imperial measurement system. In both systems, a pint is smaller than a quart. But a U.S. pint is not the same as an imperial pint. And a U.S. quart is not the same as an imperial quart. Pints and quarts are both measurements used for volume, the amount of space or the capacity of a container. Read on to find out how big pints and quarts are, where you find them and what they measure.

How Big Is a Pint?

A U.S. liquid pint measures 16 fluid ounces. There are two liquid pints in one quart. One liquid pint is made up of two liquid cups, measuring eight ounces each. The U.S. measuring system also has dry pints, which are used to measure dry goods, such as flour, grains, vegetables and fruits. A dry pint has a capacity of 33.6 cubic inches. It has a capacity of about 2.33  dry cups. The weight of a dry pint can vary based on what it is measuring. A dry pint of berries is likely to weigh more than a dry pint of lettuce.

An imperial pint is bigger than a U.S. pint. It measures 20 ounces. In the imperial system, a pint is the same measurement whether liquid or dry items are being measured.  

How Big Is a Quart?

A U.S. liquid quart measures 32 fluid ounces, twice the volume of a liquid pint. A quart is one-fourth the size of a gallon while a pint is one-eighth the size of a gallon. There are four liquid cups in one quart. A U.S. dry quart measures 67.2 cubic inches.

An imperial quarter is bigger than a U.S. quart. Made up of two imperial pints, an imperial quart measures 40 ounces.

Where Do You Find Pints?

In the U.S., pints are usually used to measure liquids such as beverages. You might order a pint of beer at a bar or buy a pint of milk at a grocery store. If you buy bottled water, it might be sold in pint-sized bottles. Some types of ice cream are sold in pint-sized packages.

Produce is often measured out in dry pints in the U.S. For example, you might buy a pint of berries at the supermarket or farmers’ market.

Where Do You Find Quarts?

Quarts are used to measure liquids in the U.S. as well. For instance, if you need to purchase enough milk for a small family to drink, you might buy a quart of it. A quart of milk has four eight-ounce servings. You might also buy a quart of berries or a quart of ice cream.

Do Pints and Quarts Only Measure Food and Drink?

Pints and quarts can be used to measure any type of liquid. For example, you might decide to repaint a small section of your living room. In that case, you can buy a quart of paint for the project. You can also buy transmission fluid, oil and other motor-related products by the pint or quart.