How Many Weight Watchers Points Are There in Ice Cream?

The number of Weight Watchers points in ice cream depends on the type of ice cream, according to Weight Watchers. For example, a 1/2-cup serving of fat-free ice cream with no sugar added has just 2 points. The same 1/2 cup of premium ice cream has a points value of 8.

There is just 1 Weight Watchers point in fruit-flavored ice pops, according to Weight Watchers. One-half cup servings of sherbet or sorbet count for 2 points, while low-fat frozen yogurt has 3 points. An ice cream sandwich has 4 points, while a soft-serve French vanilla ice cream has 5 points in a 1/2-cup serving.

Weight Watchers recommends that participants consider making their own homemade ice cream treats. Low-fat versions of popular treats can be made using fruit and fruit juices and low-fat ingredients. There are also many low-fat and low-calorie options on the market.

The Weight Watchers diet plan involves keeping track of the number of points that are assigned to each food, according to WebMD. Some foods, including many fruits and vegetables, have 0 points, and foods that tend to fill up dieters generally have fewer points while foods with empty calories have more. Weight Watchers offers both in-person and online memberships.